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We are in Pre-Launch of our newest and most powerful income vertical,, your own online-store where you can earn overrides when you and your customers purchase everyday household goods.

Let's talk about leads. We know that a business without leads is not in business. We also know and understand that purchasing leads can be very expensive, and that in addition to that, constant contact from email and text messaging services are not only expensive, but they need to be permission based.

For these reasons, presents you with our Free Leads for Life, and our Done4U Automated Team Builder, in such a way that it becomes accessible, affordable and highly effective.

The Done4U Automated Team Builder is an unusual process in the sense that it is who markets for you to help you recruit new Customers and Team members, instead of you marketing for

For this, provides you with Free Leads for Life, and/or accepts to receive your own data of personal contacts to enter them in your Done4U Automated Team Builder.

The Automated Team Builder Text Messages these contacts for you with a link inviting them to check your business opportunity, which link moves them to your own website to watch an enticing Opt-in Video, a video teaser.

Those who watch the teaser video and Opt-in for more information are instantly moved to their new account area under your Genealogy and permanently made to be your Customers / Prospects for life. Simultaneously, our Auto-Responder sends them a welcome email with information about their new account, and emails you a notification email notifying you that you have a new Opt-in with their name, phone number and email address.

When your new Opt-ins land on their new account area, they get to watch a pop-up video with more information about our company and business opportunity inviting them to submit their transaction requests and/or enroll as new Associate Members under you. Among other things, this video shows them how to navigate their account area and displays your contact information.

At this point, some will join, some will not. NO WORRIES, our Auto-Responder will periodically follow up on them with news and up-dates and invite them to attend our Business Opportunity Overview calls. Also, our Done4U Automated team Builder can capture the IP addresses of those who visited your landing page and then, it can display Banner Adds about every time the surf the web reminding them about you and your offer.

Why our Done4U Automated Team Builder is so important for you is because your new Associate Members will also be able to subscribe to this same process and grow large teams under you.

Your one time subscription of $150.00 entitles you to 10,000 text messages sent by our Done4U Automated Team Builder.

NOTE: Price and availability of our Done4U Automated Team Builder can change without notice.

NOTE: We cannot and do not guarantee a rate of response from each of these 10,000 Text Message Campaigns, Nevertheless, without responsibility believes that it can be 1% - 4% for opt-ins for more information (up to 400 Opt-ins), and then 10% - 20% for new Team Member enrollments (up to 80 new Associate Members).

Subsequently, your new future Associate Members can also subscribe to our Done4U Automated Team Builder, which could make it possible for your Genealogy to take on a snowball effect and grow your team several levels deep. Therefore, does not find it necessary nor encourages you to purchase more than one unit of 10,000 Text Messages.

As such, payment of your $150.00 subscription is meant to be a one time payment, not a recurring payment

Our Free Leads for Life are a courtesy of and are exclusive to our Associate Members who subscribe to our Done4U Automated Team Builder. These leads are of Business Opportunity Seekers, they are believed to be accurate. The Data includes names, phone numbers and email addresses, and are made available for you to prospect:

** New Associate Members
** Home-Buyers
** Home-Sellers
** Real Estate Investors
** Corporate Fundraisers
** customers (The Online Store)

This Data is free of charge to our Associate Members. This Data is believed to be accurate, Nevertheless, does not guarantee nor stays behind the accuracy of said Data. Alternatively, Associate Members can upload their own Data, or they can purchase Data from their own outside sources.

The Leads are Free, the $150.00 payment is to send Text Messages and is Non-Refundable, It is made as a Non-Refundable Tax Deductible Donation to Real Estate Mortgage Grants and Down Payment Assistance, Inc., A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Serious purchasers only. wants you to be successful and wants you to stay active in making your Phone Calls to those who opt-in.

IMPORTANT: We need the following information to set up your Done4U Automated Team Builder account. Please email the following information to once you have completed your $150.00 purchase:
*** Your name
*** Your telephone number
*** Your Associate Member ID #
*** Your physical address
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